Monday, 17 June 2013

love diablo 3

The problem here isn’t that he was wrong about when PvP would be ready (though that isn’t good). And it’s not that PvP is taking a long time (though that isn’t good either). The real problem is that he seems unable to learn from past mistakes.

By his own admission, he shouldn’t have said that it was coming soon. So why did he? He’s like an addict. He just can’t help himself when it comes to doing dumb things and making bad decisions.

[Why are you asking me for my name and email address to post a comment? You've never done that before, and you already have it linked to my account anyway. The reason I come to this site is because it’s unbiased   where to buy diablo 3 gold and posts about the truth of it all, and isn’t a brown-nosing fest like all the other Diablo fan sites.

I hope it stays that way.i think it should be 200% to doubling instead of 50%, than this item would be trifecta, BiS, or whatever you call it.I wanted to love this game. I keep checking news to see if anything awesome is coming. All I keep seeing is pure disappointment.Fvck that troll. I dont see your quality at all. Diablo 3 1.0.5 = empty boring game d3 gold, BOT-FEST! I hope you guys realize what a terrible fail is this game. No more money for you! Not even a cent.I can pay for crap only once.And that is because of name.And you crappy dev’s owe everything on someone who you call … “looser”. So dont be so arrogant the game is not succsess… as you guys think.

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