Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Do You Buy WoW Gold?

I wouldn t but I have a friend who bought gold.  10k gold for 100$.  that was like 5 years ago and he justified it my saying: well, I work for 20$ an hour, so it s just 7 hours of my time (after taxes that s roughly 100$) and it would take much longer to farm that kind of gold.  With 10k, I can make it work for me and last time I checked, he had about 100k.  He said that it was his way to buy world of warcraft accounts to enjoy the game, he didn t have to worry about gold anymore.  He never got hacked.  He got harassed by gold sellers for about 2 days so he got a bit nervous and bought an authenticator. Now he s fine.

I've moved server at the start of the year and joined a new raiding team, most people located in my city. They're great people, fun, reliable. Now some of them buy gold from one of the raiders. And I asked my raid leader, whom I more or less love to bits, how can he buy gold. And he said to me to buy wow gold: let me put it this way. We want to go out for a couple of days camping, like we always do. Our friend X says he can't afford coming with us since he's more or less cashless. So I'll pay for him and in return he'll give me gold since he spends all day farming stuff on his alts. Now... when he put it that way, it suddenly didn't seem so bad. I mean you put cash in a friend's hand, it's not over the internet, I'm not even sure if this accounts as buying gold...

I bought gold back in vanilla because I played a Restoration Druid and needed a fast mount for keeping up in battlegrounds. It was nigh impossible to earn gold because both Balance and Feral was ridiculously underpowered, and most of my crafts from Alchemy went to raids.

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