Thursday, 20 June 2013

a party with 4 monks in D3

I noticed this when in a party with 4 monks and all using sw/cclones. As soon as we pulled a huge number of mobs and havin dozens of cyclones running the game locked down. Imo its tied to when lots of mobs getting damaged at once. Btw. the same happend when we pulled a realy large amount of mobs(not using sw/cyc that time) and i blow those up with explo palm Diablo III account.

I usually get this when i pull around 10 packs or so as well. What I think happens is that the server does not return actions because it doesn't receive commands from the mobs, because there's so many of them there's some overload somewhere. However you can still act, and even when buy diablo 3 gold the screen freezes up and i keep on rending and whirlwinding, i'm still alive at the end when mobs finally started to die. So my skill usage does get through. But you won't get an answer from the server, it will catch up later all at once though and then suddenly everything is dead. The advice I give people is to keep on playing as if nothing happened. Which can be hard if you are desynching what you see and where you will be at that time when the mobs are actually somewhere else. So stay in the same position and hope you don't get a flower under you.

I don't think the game was designed to be played like that.  Well, not the extent of what your are doing  D3 items for sale.

Just kill them or face the wrath of a stressed out server.

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