Saturday, 22 June 2013

join SoF to gain skills xp

The players have spoken over and over and over and over again. For over two months since the introduction of the squeal of fortune, the forums were filled with nothing but hate for it. And that was before you started the promotions too. And even now more than a year later, people still hate the sof with a passion. Don't you listen to your players Jagex? Do you even care anymore about us anymore or do you only care about your dirty profits? Saradomin? Guthix? or Zamorak?

All whine is good when it is against the soF!

Will a genie come out of a magic lamp if I shove it up MMG's ass and rub it? See, they keep giving us all this free buy runescape accounts Sof xp and money, and people still focus their anger at something like warbands. The SOF needs to be nerfed/shut down before anything else is nerfed as "OP exp"

Jagex, do you not know how many skillers you have in the game? Why is everything recently geared to level our combat levels. We can't participate in anything new lately. Couldn't you think of us? We pay our monthly fees just like anyone else. Who put all the skills in this game? You did. Let us play anyway we want but at the same time, let us participate fairly please. I have a maxed main that i seriously don't care to play on anymore. This game has turned into xpscape or punishthetrueskillerscape. I do love being a skiller buy rs gold. It is a bigger challenge but with all this free xp, what is the point in playing anymore? You'll be just like the other games out there. Max that combat and find a new game. I hope whatever you're planning for the future of this game includes all people that pay the same because i will be 2 (yes 2, i no longer pay for my main) less paying accounts.

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