Monday, 24 June 2013

skills recommended for barbarian leveling

SKILLS - VIABLE (other abilities that you might want to pick up, depending on your personal preferences, if you see (!) icon next to certain ability, it means that you SHOULD use it instead of core build abilities, in certain situations and that i highly recommend doing so).

I used this skill for a long time, but in the end went for Frenzy. There is one situation that I can think of, in which bash might prove better than frenzy. If you are going for huge fury consumption build in which fury generation is essential, bash with Instigation rune will grant you insane fury. What I suggest you do is: test out both bash and frenzy and just pick whatever suits you best.

Best ability in game if you are going for pure dmg. With Smash rune, you will be doing 270% weapon dmg. And that is a lot in comparison to other skills we have in our arsenal. In addition, HotA is AoE skill, so you will hit multiple targets with it (if they are any obviously). Also, you get 5% additional crit chance which is very good!  The problem with HotA is that you gain only damage and nothing that will help you survive selling Diablo 3 account. I would say that this skill might be better Diablo 3 gold for sale if you want to burst some target very fast in single target encounter. The Devil’s Anvil rune is nice if you are in situation in which you need some slow. So you if you want to slow things, go ahead and take this skill.

I used Rend for a long time because of Blood Lust rune. I was struggling to survive in Inferno and I just continuously stacked rend on adds and kited them while being healed from dots left on mobs by rend. Nice ability, but in the end I find knockback to be better for survival. By all means, test it out and decide what you prefer.

Now, that is the skill that I miss the most in my current build. Leap was my favourite skill (and probably still is). It gives you great mobility and escape mechanics. I would say that the only viable, insanely good rune for it is Iron Impact. It increases your armor by 300%, effectively tripling your armor! THIS IS JUST INSANE! If you are tanky and have like 9k armor, you will end up with something around 36k armor to buy Diablo 3 account which is OP like hell. Every 10 sec you are basically immortal for 4 seconds. I actually pick this rune up for some fights.This skill might prove to be better than lets say Ignore Pain , IF you are going for pure tank build with relatively low dps (and if you have decent amount of armor, something around 9k+ I would say). Its HUGE advanatage is the ability to get out of practically everything - if you find yourself in a bad position, this skill will save you and help you position yourself accordingly.

I actually did not use that skill at all. I maybe tested it like once without any rune, when I obtained it for the first time and was like "meh". How silly of me... and I just do not know how I managed to miss the potential of FS. One viable rune here (or rather one that shines out in comparison to all others) is Dreadnought. OBVIOUS CHOICE, no other options here. Why? Well, now carefully read what it does. It regains 8% of your maximum life for EACH TARGET you hit. You got that? When I first realized what this rune does, I thought it was to beautiful to be true. And when I saw it in action... oh man. So basically, if you hit 10 targets with it, you will regain 80% of your health by using this ability. Is it just me, or does this seem a bit OP to you as well? In addition - the more HP you got, the better this skill gets. I actually use FS now instead of some abilities in certain situations.

Another great thing about FS is that you can use it as escape mechanism ability. Do you often find yourself in a situation in which you are blocked by nasty, big mobs? Well, it shall not be a problem for you anymore, now you will be able to just run pass them.

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