Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lodestones were heavily redundant to existing transport

Lodestones were heavily redundant to existing transport in the first place, but I was okay with the ones in free to play, as they have access to far less transport than members.

Now lodestones have gone from overpowered to the only viable transport in the game. WHAT THE HELL?!

I used fairy rings to get to oog'loog and canifis, charter ships or a crystal seed for isafdar, a fremennik lyre for relleka buy runescape accounts, all these had perfectly good existing teleports that are now useless.

The worst one is Isafdar, which had a big appeal in being isolated. During the Regicide quest, you have to live off the land, catching and cooking your own fish for food, or taking massive bank trips through the treacherous underground pass. That was amazing! I want more of that, but now you've killed it instead!

What's next, a lodestone in mort'ton so people don't have to deal with ghasts? A squeal of fortune item that makes the desert harmless buying runescape gold? Oh wait..

(c) tl;dr: Dealing with hostile areas and having to walk are part of the game, don't remove them entirely. I want more scary areas with aggressive monsters far from the safety of a bank. Make me feel like I'm in the middle of the wilderness, far away from civilization, constantly worried of death.

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