Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Energy design flaws of Demon Hunter

We use the most simple example, say that melee and long-range career bar. Melee is a big water pipes, water pipes remote job is small, and you now have a pot of water needed drained.

Needless to say, it must be big water down the fastest, followed by the small pipe, thereby examples to discuss with  d3 account. Boss of blood if that is water.

Melee energy was "a strange energy there," of course, is a large water pipe, so you will see the elite mob madness blood loss.

The energy range career was "built" at every turn there is no energy, no energy when you melee still maximize the output, of course, is the small pipes.

This is why the current occupation are pursuing "infinite energy."

Barbarian crit chance directly affect the battle rage additional energy recovery, we must support. Cabalist critical strike chance of a direct impact on the probability of secret back there critical mass, had support 
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Today you can no attack speed, there will be no crit damage, but definitely not without crit chance. He is with you combat effectiveness of the relationship between the equal sign, no energy of any strange career just a slaughtered  
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Attack speed exists mostly just to "increase the number of crit = increase energy recovery speed," Do not mess up the order before ......

The solution to this problem is very simple, lurking in the dark by adding a "critical strikes have a 
cheap diablo 3 gold chance to restore 15:00 hatred," estimated that all the Demon Hunter have cried.

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