Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hearthstone Gameplay

How was Hearthstone? First and foremost, what we got to play was an alpha, which only developers and internal staff had previously accessed. It has not changed a great deal in overall appearance since PAX, but many key gameplay changes have been incorporated. Unfortunately, due to Blizzard policy, we were unable to take pictures or video of the play session or anything else that took place.

Overall, the game felt solid. As we'll get to, they're really pretty happy with balance right now, but some abilities definitely still feel too strong, for example there was one mage-specific card that did six damage in return for five mana, now, without having seen buying wow accounts the game yourselves, it's hard to understand exactly, but that is a heavy damage ability. Of course, it's worth remembering that we were only playing with what the devs called the "basic card set", so, none of the cards we could have earned or bought.

Other than that, the UI felt good, fast, stable. Turn systems vary across CCGs, but Hearthstone's, to me at least, seemed a little counter-intuitive. It's worth noting that, although the tutorial is complete, we didn't play through it, as the community team wanted us to have the maximum amount of time in the full game. That would likely have helped with the slightly confusing feel of the game, and the turn system. There were cheap wow accounts also some abilities and tooltips that didn't quite tie up, but none of these minor criticisms caused huge problems with what was, overall, an entertaining and well-put-together play experience.

We didn't, unfortunately, get to test anything but the main gameplay -- the deck builder, the sandbox-like Forge area, and the crafting were all out of bounds. But we were able to have various questions where to buy wow accounts answered by the development team.

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  1. My feelings exactly.
    Even though the game has had some silly things here and there, there's always been a more serious undertone to the overall World of Warcraft accounts