Friday, 7 June 2013

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Wachiraphong Chandith @Roderick, he was a creature from an other world, who had so much power, created a peaceful world and had the power to bann all the gods from the earthsea, he was considered by all his deeds, but yet a mortal.

Darkus Hellsing I miss guthix

Reginald Hidalgo @Roderick Tedman we was killed by the sliske using the staff of Armadyl and that staff is a God Slayer buy rs gold.
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David Minihan I miss Guthix too much. Looks like I'm going to my fallback, Jas.

Rick Fletcher He's just taking a nap.

Julio Posada I am seeing multiple universes man, I currently exist in one where he isn't dead yet >_>

Caligan Crouch Zaros will bring him back don't worry runescape money guise.

Joe Tennant Julio Just wait for him to come through and take him on that way

Kyle Dolor Guthix doesn't even want to be praised even if he is a god, he wants to be forgotten and he liked to die for that, but then when he did, Guthix also doesn't like other gods to be in Gielenor rs gold for sale that's why he bestowed some power to players..

Kyle Dolor and without the death of Guthix there will be no factions cuz he'd be too powerful and the edicts

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  1. Adding pokemon battles and Kung-Fu Panda however... really shoves the ridiculous content in your World of Warcraft accounts
    And yes, I know, Kung-fu panadas are part of lore from WC3... but it was a very minor role that could easily be overlooked. This expansion, not so much, considering it's the entire focus point of the expansion.