Friday, 19 July 2013

hope more rewards for Runescape quests completing

Wow, another set of tasks!!

Not really sure about tasks, but some useful rewards would be:

- Set number of teleports to resource dungeons/areas per day (Elite reward)
- XP Reward lamps 90+ on any skill (Elite) [If reward lamps can only be used on dungeoneering, the average XP per floor is sell runescape accounts 120k, so the lamp rewards should give 500k-1m exp]
- Allow a 20% discount on Chaotics (Elite)

As far as rewards go, personally, I would like passive components. The biggest request that I have would be to allow arrows + laws + cosmics to all be bound at once -preferably without eating into the 10 total binds. It is a huge chore to have to remake both runes every floor if you want to use ranged.


Name: Dungeoneering Sheep
Description: Die 10 times in a Dungeon
Levels required to complete: -
Other content required (if known): - sell rs accounts

- Z Dragon999

Name: Lord of the Ring of Kinship
Description: Use a Ring of Kinship on a fire. rs accounts for sale
Levels required to complete: None
Other content required (if known): None

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