Thursday, 18 July 2013

rs2 is going away

Why fight when we can all keep to ourselves? Release your inner elf and join Seren! I could give you some impressive spiel about true power etc but truth is it wasn't possible to have the other gods artwork ready in time, what with everything kicking off for RS3 soon.   So you do buy runescape accounts plan on sharing artwork for Armadyl, Seren, etc. eventually then? Better than keeping them a mystery forever. we dont want EOOOOOC.

eoc sucks.. they should just get rid of every update and go back to like 2003.. like honestly.. rs 3 is dumb.. your making so many different parts to this game and you need a different account for each of them.. like seriously.. aint nobody got time for that unless you don't have a job or a life.. keep it simple.

Need different accounts???? the eoc rs2 is going away and you can use your Runescape accounts for sale  and everything will be transferred to sell rs accounts rs3. Then there is 07 scape which if you have members you can play on the same account. Your stats reset due to unfair advantages and xp gained through ways that you can't do in 07. Then for the oldies there is runescape classic the bone chilling jaw dropping 2d graphics  which you can use the same account to access if you played with that account at a certain year (can't remember the year.) Rs3 is going to be able to bring bigger and better things to runescape with better quality everything. To you comment about "aint nobody got time for that unless you don't have a job or a life.. keep it simple.."

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