Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bringing Home the Bacon was very fun and easy

I would have been perfectly satisfied with this quest, had it come out last year. However, as an avid quester, and someone who is disappointed in the lack of quests in 2013, I can't give my seal of approval to this one. While the dialogue was witty and entertaining, the quest itself was linear, and lacked any challenge. While there is nothing wrong with glorified fetch-and-retrieve quests, they really do need to be stuck between more substantive quests. Had this come between, say, Firemaker's Curse and the Elder Kiln (as Let them Eat Pie was), this would be a delightful quest to buy runescape accounts.

However, as it stands, it is the first quest we have had in 4 months, and only the second this year. That is not the place for this kind of quest...

The quest was very fun and easy. I was hoping we can actually rename our pet but was disappointed that we can only rename by choosing a limited selection of name combinations. I had in mind of naming my pet based on pig characters in books and films like Babe, Gordy and Wilbur. I wish there's more individual customization in renaming our pig. Thanks so much for the new quest! I can't wait to sell runescape accounts get into it and get some bacon! oved the robin hood reference. just finished watching that again while I was training magic... that was until you nerfed it ofc.

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