Tuesday, 9 July 2013

a pretty cool idea to be able to teleport to more main areas in rs

I think it's a pretty cool idea to be able to teleport to more main areas in an easier fashion. But anything you try to do, people will find a way to  sell rs accounts complain about it.

Basically, the same people that are complaining about 'dead content' are complaining about this, when in reality quite a bit of the 'dead content' is dead partially due to the fact that it's difficult to reach.

It's like complaining about there being job loss, but then advancing more by designing robots/electronics to do our jobs for us.

I worked hard for my teleports as well Runescape accounts sell, whether it be questing or leveling. But why should that be a deciding factor in whether or not it's a good or bad update?

One could argue that the teleports we had before lodestones made it too easy to get around, and there actually were. Yet without teleports, people would complain that it is much too difficult to get around. I guess it's somewhat of a redundancy to use the statement "Well if you don't like it, don't use it!" But that's kind of the way it is here. I mean, if it really rs accounts for sale bothers you to the point where you have to take time out of your day to complain about it, then maybe you should reevaluate your decision to continue playing on the EOC server.

One could also say that me taking time out of my day to complain about others complaining is being a hypocrite, and I would agree with you.

Moral of the story is that regardless of anything that happens, no matter how minor or major it is, there will be people that like it and dislike it. However, constant arguing and shouting that the other person is wrong isn't the way to go about it. Instead of doing that, why not come together as a community and raise your voice with a compromise?

If we continue on this path, then no, Runescape will NOT grow. Would you decide to live in a hostile community? I wouldn't. What happened to the friendly players willing to sacrifice and help others out for the good of RUNESCAPE? Have we become so Elitist?

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