Saturday, 6 July 2013

rs is not restarting like going to 0

Does this mean that we get to have content with the new platform realease? if so sweet. And i personally cannot wait to turn Lumbridge into a zarosian/city of seren/city of sliske/city of armadyl, look out saradomin your time has come. I only downloaded Chrome to get those funky glasses a while back. Since then, I've come to use it all the time. I still play Runescape in the client, though. I'll probably keep on playing in the client, I don't know why I don't use the browser, but I tend to stick with things until they go away. I am looking forward to RS3, but I didn't care for the nis. I thought the new interfaces too up too much of the screen. I'll adapt. I've adapted to everything else so far runescape accounts sell.

Jagex can barely manage the current game and '07. I like to see them crumble as they bite off more than they can chew.For those who live in Miami we are going to Nominateds' house. Search the forums Fear not my US friends. Going to be huge! Cant wait to get out my skill cape on the beach. See you guys there I hope. I'm completely fine with playing RS3 in Google Chrome rs accountts selling but is there going to be a downloadable client for RuneScape 3 when it comes out ? Not sure if this has already been asked, but we will be going into this game with our current skills and items yes? it is not restarting like going to 07.

P.S. Possibly could run a runefest in sydney. PM me if you think its a good idea!

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