Thursday, 4 July 2013

use wildy lodestone

Who the hell would use wildy lodestone runescape accounts sell knowing their a bunch of people there waiting to kill you?

Oh Well Going to Camp at Wildy Lodestone now.That's kind of like saying that the grand exchange teleport on the ring of wealth isn't needed because there's already both a teleport to varrock square and multiple teleports to edgeville.

Adding a lodestone outside of the tower, fairly close to the fairy ring, would give p2p players another way to quickly access the fairy ring network (especially for those who have not yet completed the elder kiln quest). Not to mention, the wicked hood is a members-only item, while the wizard's tower is in a f2p zone and the runespan is also accessible to f2p players sell rs accounts. And since the fairy ring network is also p2p, a lodestone on the island would give f2p players a quick way to access the tower/runespan. And also somewhat faster travel to/from the lumby swamp mining area for all.

Ape atoll- already a teleport spell (0-5s)
Mos Le Harmless- Ectophial and run (45-60s)
Miscellenia- Fairy ring (assuming you lodestone tele to nearest ring) cheap runescape accounts (45s)

The first two don't really need a lodestone. Miscellenia, though, would be a decent since the way I go I already use the lodestone network to tele to Yanille's fairy ring.Useful place to put a lodestone should be obvious places like trollheim and mos le'harmless and sophanem would be really useful locations(or close to sophanem such as the agility pyramid) these places are almost remote and inacessible and most players without many many quests find them insurpassable but the requirements to reach these would have to be met (such as the lunar isle teleports) Also Ape atol would not be a bad place to find yourself with a lodestone location i realise some of these are impractical but hey wishful thinking

Can I have a Lodestone that will take me to a game were the company actually cared and listened to players who know how to play the game instead of those bitching how everyone who knows how to play is "Over Powered"...

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