Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Console version drops

At this point, Haters = Masochists. Console version drops in T-minus two months, people, and when that happens, Diablo 3 will be stronger than ever. This isn't an opinion, it's a guarantee. 4 player local co-op ARPG, in a market LACKING 4 Diablo3 account player local co-op ARPGs, in a well-known franchise from a powerhouse game developer? Keep up the hate, you're gaining ZERO ground.   obv nothing compared to D2, but im saying it will be more fun than playing it on PC with your friends

For those of that think this is stupid.Marko, you only say that because more than likely you have some POS compaq computer from 10 years ago that can't play the game.Game sucked already, this is just the final nail. RIP Diablo buy Diablo 3 gold, it was a good run. But blizzard is run by dipshits apparently.i'd love diablo 2 to be on a console...far more than 3...3 was a repeat except worse lol

diablo on a console would be so much fun with VOIP . and plus you build your guy and use 2-3 spells anyways, which would be just triggers and bumpers I find that's the problem only 2-3 spells, and you don't really choice what you want, you get spells as you level up and you will always have it at the same time, old school D2 you could choice what you wanted to be more powerful and choice to buy Diablo 3 account completely avoid Abilities if you didn't want them, making Multiple toons of the same Class was more worth while. Sure, why not beating the game for the second time, in like 1 week. But this time, you can do it with you bros and sis' even faster.The ui looks ridiculous. I like the way where the pc version is heading though, despite all the hate.

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