Monday, 1 July 2013

Runescape 2007 come back as the result of voting

 Runescape 2007 come back as the result of voting

As runescape old school coming back, this result is due to the poll who voted for it. In this process, members who have buy runescape accounts have made this choice to make rs 2007 back to use.

Thanks to many members that buy a runescape account to join the voting to help out their friends, we have witness a great enthusiasm for the service and a positive start. It is highly appreciated that members show awesome camaraderie and unique to the newly established community. If you join members, you can buy cheap rs gold than non-members.

Many rs players are enjoying the enthusiasm and goodwill from runescape community from the start of the poll. A super passionate group of RS shows their nostalgic recall for the Old School game play.

Jagex has decided not to charge the additional 5 dollar membership fee for at least in the following half a year, since Jagex is dedicating to make a goodwill and an aspiration for the newly Old School runescape to have a flourish and grow fast.

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