Wednesday, 18 March 2015

ffxiv hatred mechanism of the game are very intuitive

About hatred mechanism of the game are very intuitive. During the battle, hatred along flag will be displayed in the lower left corner (default position) target in front of the strange name. There are so four kinds of symbols:

"Final Fantasy XIV" initially open service national service Beginner's Guide: The red box means that you hate is the highest current team, MT if you're not, then you are progressing in OT (Over Taunt) status, and to Note the hand and take the initiative to stop near MT, rather than running around, though perhaps a little less in the wild can be attacked several times, but in the team the next copy, we just want to say that this game is not the ACT.
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"Final Fantasy 14" national service open service early Beginner's Guide: Orange inverted triangle, which means that you hate is currently the second highest team, and then cast skills is likely to lead to OT. If you are MT, then the need to strengthen the blame injuries, improve your hatred to pick up the red box.
"Final Fantasy 14" early national service open service Beginner's Guide: Yellow Triangle, which means your current hatred is the third team, if you are DPS or Healer, then the hatred for you, fine, do not worry about immediately will be OT. If you are MT, it may within one or two skills of the time, could not immediately raise their hatred pick red box, this time may be required to provoke skill.
"Final Fantasy 14" national service open service early Beginner's Guide: blue circle, which means your current team hatred is the lowest for the Healer is ideal for keeping this hatred, for it is you need to strengthen some DPS output, For MT, you should hurry up and then use the skills to use provocative hold the red box. Little need to mention here that the provocation of hatred knight skills caused itself is very low, it can instantly specifically target raised to hate the player's first pick, but if the players do not continue the target damage, it will immediately reduce overall hatred.

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