Tuesday, 24 March 2015

To get conjurer you just go to new gridania and if you have the shard attuned use the aethernet, otherwise head into old gridania and check your map. Just talk to the person behind the desk inside the tree and you're golden. Also, if you wanted to do the extra work at level 30 CNJ you get a mount with a super easy quest.
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patch 2.5

How do SO many people not look up these things ahead of time.  what? people looking up stuff beforehand? what is this trickery you speak of? "Hi I'm new to this boss, any tips and tricks, haven't watched a video", Blah blah blah. I dont give a dam about a MMO. I want to see altirnate versions of old final fantasys. 7, if cloud had be evil, 9 if Zidane never learned to FFXIV Gil love the human race, 8...that would be hard.

 Why you like being a asshole Wesley Phoenix....all he did was ask for help.....

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