Thursday, 26 March 2015

new players suggestions for FFXIV

Another suggestion would be to form your own party through Party Finder or if you belong to a FC then asking your fellow FCs to run with you at a more civilized pace.

Time marches on and someday you will probably be one of those people running a dungeon for your zeta drops with pre level 50's in your own legendary gear. Some of us have been playing this for a year plus now and the gear grind is a great deal of what post game is like as it readies you for the coils and heavier mechanic wise content. Please don't turn your nose up at us when we que for some low levels for various reasons. We aren't all bad. We help your que times and some of us are patient enough and willing to cheap FFXIV Gil help newbies.

Well, here's the problem. MMOs get "top heavy". Most players at this point in the game are not new and not leveling. Barring the release of new jobs, it will always be this way.

So SE gives them incentive to go back and play with newer players. The alternative is you would have to wait even longer than now where to buy FFXIV Gil to get into anything. Potentially a very very long time. Waiting for up to hours would probably be even more demotivating.

The only way to really get the experience you want is to play the MMO during its initial release...

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