Monday, 30 March 2015

PVP infprmation about FFXIV

 When is the Digital CE coming out on Playstation Network. Will the machinist job be more natuarally geared toward DPS or a support type role? They are probably going to buy FFXIV Gil adjust the EU price between now and then so stop bitching.  They have never dropped price in past from amount original to release date, so no reason to expect any changes this time. What I want to know FFXIV Gil is can they hire a translator please. The majority of the live stream are not English. At least some subs.

PVP infprmation!!! What new maps and style play also is wolves den going g to have its own ranking like if you when you get exp and if you lose you get exp taken away? Of course the amount of exp gain or lose will have to be blanced based on what rank you are going against right? Free the bard! As soon as we queue dungeon with blm we become their bitch.

The All in one Bundle containing ARR and Heavensward will feature 30-subscription, but what about the standard and CE editions for Heavensward? They will have any free days included as well?

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