Wednesday, 1 April 2015

discuss on ffxiv dragon quest

SQENIX start releasing more JRPGs on the PC and not remakes, no just good games like for example The Last Remnant.  Not the Dragon Quest I am wanting. I am torn: do I pass on something I am not interested in and therefore showing no wallet-vote for it despite wanting Dragon Quest in the States, or buy it showing support for the series albeit not the product I want? Awesome hopefully you'll port the new Dissidia to PS4 too.

 I only played dragon Quest V but this game looks so FFXIV Gil Phenomenonal I looking forward to this game. Can we please get Chrono Trigger characters for DLC?!?!?!?!

Since I lack the ability to post this directly as it's own post to the page at large.

Dear @SquareEnix, I want to play your newish Tomb Raider game that I picked up on Xbox live. Unfortunately, making me mash the two shoulder buttons of my controller faster than a hyena on crack just to get through the intro is frankly insulting and not actually a game. Thanks for locking the other hours of content behind a reflex wall instead of buy FFXIV Gil giving me something to strategize over. Thank goodness I didn't spend money on this, or I would truly have been as cheated as I feel.

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