Thursday, 2 April 2015

We all want DFO to succeed

This is a full fledged MMO action game. You guys should have 30, minimum. And the fact that the Cash Shop isn't open doesen't give us much opportunities to pay you guys. Seriously, hire some people. Maybe a few more system admins to report bugs, bug admins to fix said bugs, animation programmers to add more stuff to the game and so forth. We all want DFO to succeed, but we don't want to overwork you guys in the process DFO Gold. well i can´t do nothing becaus i need Fatique pff ! soo DFO is a Pay2play very bad score for this game i waited year´s too play it..

 I know very much this is a OBT. Doesen't mean we can overwork 10 employees. If they decide to hire a few more people, we can get even more done. What is so wrong about that? these 10 employees has the man power of 60 workers , we should be paying for this OBT , they have done a lot.

what if it's only a beta? having only 10 people managing the game is as close to a full-fledged suicidal attempt as you can possibly get cheap DFO Gold.

Exactly! I would like to pay them! And then they can hire more people. And then I will pay them more.

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