Monday, 6 April 2015

I got problems about DFO play

Are there any bugs for the quick party? I got some trouble with it. Sometimes my teammates and I got lag when we use the quick party, we are all in US east. This does not happen last week, only from this week, it becomes a big issue DFO Gold when I use the quick party, can u check it and fix it up? Thanks. fanatic has the same music as the old map Chamber of Blood, they look alike as well o.o

Upgrade your internet explorer, and im 100% it still doesnt work on windows xp. Anyone can help me? a friend of mine having this error:

The error occurs, when third party program runs during the game playing. If the same error keep occurs send the xigncode.log file to We will send an e-mail back as soon as possible for solution.  Might be due to another program he has downloaded. No way to know for sure without seeing.  he say that after he press play button, he can choose the server, channel, and while he is creating the char he crash and get the error. The promotional video for Thieves that I downloaded from DnF's website and decided to upload cheap DFO Gold.

Need help. After i logged and select "play" i have this, and game closed. What i need to do? Looks like you need to close the 90 applications on yer computer.

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