Wednesday, 8 April 2015

love playing DFO

This is also time gating. For the lazy, that's the Australian work hours limit. As in "the employer cannot stipulate you spend more than this time working except for certain circumstances." limiting. Quite a few places have that. So supporting FP means we support the inability of an employer to demand we work 168 hours/week? Do remember that straw-manning works both ways buy DFO Gold. As for focusing efforts, they're getting the game running and are in fact doing so. They're already pretty effective.

Why the hell would I reword it when I'm correct? Time gating in video games- I think you really should understand the context first before you waste your time typing irrelevant responses- is where a developer puts a limit to how much or how long you can play DFO Gold a game or advance in the game. Have you played Destiny? That's a perfect example right there of time gating.

Look at the lowbies leave. Look at all the fucks that nobody gives.

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