Thursday, 9 April 2015

FP system is very essentional

FP system is very essentional, and it perfectly suits DFO Gold modern online games. It prevents people from playing game for whole day. It is good , since there are people who have no sense of time and who would spend all their free time sitting in one pose near their computers, which is bad for their health.

FP system at least makes them take a break and walk outside of hous and look whats the weather is outside buy DFO Gold. Thanks to that small children wont be non-stop sitting near their monitor screens.

Im really sutisfied with FP system what was presented in DFO and I hope that it will say the same, or maybe will be improved in some kind of way, for example it will be decresed a little bit for working days and will be incresd in weekends.

Also I really like the weekend FP bonus which makes is kind of small but noticable difference.

Thanks for your great work and player support NEOPLE, hope that this prejoct will last.

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