Tuesday, 19 May 2015

ARR and Heavensward will feature 30-subscription

Free the bard! As soon as we queue dungeon with blm we become their bitch.
The All in one Bundle containing ARR and Heavensward will feature 30-subscription, but what about the standard and CE editions for Heavensward? They will have any free days included as well?

Who cares? cheap FFXIV gil If ur already so invested in the game you want the expension, another month subscription won't matter.And if u buy the all in one bundle, ur way behind the 8ball anyway, so it'll take you months to catch up.

 I know tha if you’ve invested in the game, you won’t care about another month’s subscription. It was only curiosity. I play since 1.0 version and already pre-ordered the Heavenward CE. I was Just curious. Geez. I asked the support about that, FFXIV gil You'll have to buy subscription separately.Thanks, Baldyga. I already have about six months of paid subscription, but many players here in Brazil were curious about that matter. Asking do not Hurt. grin emoticon Thanks again smile emoticon.Heavensward doesn't have free 30 days included. Only exception is the All in One Bundle.

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