Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hatching-tide is live throughout Eorzea

Hatching-tide is live throughout Eorzea! Have you been transformed into a spriggan yet?

dang I wish there was a spriggan themed costume with this event... actually they should have made spriggans a playable class and a spell that makes spriggans and a spriggan city where spriggans sprig around all day. cheap FFXIV gil squenix why don't you listen to your fanbase.Don't you mean Eggspect the Uneggspected? Come on Square, if you're gonna make puns go all the way.I can't find eggactly the right pun the eggpress my hard boiled eggcitement over all those eggcellent puns.I finally got this game today for PS4. I tried the free two week version in early February and really liked it.crap seasonal event items... who wants to wear egg earrings, egg rings and a shitty egg hat.... this was a boring event last year too.
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If you think this game is worth paying for your entirely wrong. So many flaws cheap FFXIV Gil, and anything positive in this game can be found in other games as well..
BTW I used to play daily cheap DFO Gold. I played for one month, completed the questlines and all. This game is just another grindfest rpg.

 why are you subscribed to this FB page if you don't like the game?
It's not "another grindfest RPG". buy FFXIV gil Go play another F2P MMORPG instead, you don't even need to pay for them!That's the problem, you only played for a month Brandon. That's all that was pretty much needed to be heard.
Bashing a mmo after only playing for a month is pretty ridiculous.

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