Wednesday, 6 May 2015

how to level DFO basic attacks

What level would the skill be obtainable at? only make sense being at that shouldve already awakened into a Hell Bringer AND mastering the class. This should put zerkers back into the spotlight as a psychopathic slayer. I dont like the idea of the avenger and chaos classes outshining the zerker when he was the first to go demonic....even before we had the necromancer. I love the demonic and clinically (and mentally) insane aspects of beserker. That's one it was one of my mains.

He needs more of it buy DFO Gold . He needs more attacks with his maniac laugh.  Sounds great actually. Give them bonuses for the amount of enemies in suction and then make those bonuses effect skills that push-away. You'd have to get into the rhythm of the Vortex.

A skill that do damage based on enemies' size. And a buff that amplify the weapon's damage based on it weight. I would like to see everyone's basic combo improved after job change. I won't lie, part of why I don't make A LOT of characters is because the first part of the game is so mundane and if your class DFO Gold doesn't switch basic attacks it could easily stay feeling like that until lvl 25 even 30 which takes about 2 or 3 days to get to.

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