Tuesday, 28 April 2015

a half hollow foam ball

Progress photos are on the cosplay page, the base is PVC pipe, with caps and built up with a half hollow foam ball and insulation foam for the branches, covered with worbla. Crystals are made out of 1/8" acrylic sheeting. She is not only very talented for being able to create this, but she is also brave. She probably knew she would get criticism for her body buy FFXIV Gil, and yet she still proudly posed in her beautiful costume.

If you look FFXIV Gil at her page, you can see how long it took her to create this beautiful costume. She looks amazing:D Great costume! I love when people put allot of detailed work into making staffs The eyes are a little bit too much zombie-ish lol other then that great cosplay

Very cool! Great work It's sad to see all the negativity about her weight. We all have our own issues, problems, and struggles. Poking fun at her weight doesn't make her any less of a person or make you any better of one. It's nice to see a lady with meat on her bones embrace her nerdom and create something like this! I, personally, get sick of seeing these itty bitty cosplayers wearing skimpy outfits like all  She actually does look like a Night Elf. Blizz didn't make multiple sized women available to players, so something in an over average weight Night Elf "does not compute" in most peoples minds. To me, she looks just like a night elf.

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