Friday, 17 April 2015

game-play experiences of FFXIV

You think i should subscribe again or just wait for free login FFXIV Gil ?  lvl60 passive ability of drg "if you are dead upon completion of a duty, you instantly roll 99 on the drops."  Dam this gonna be the longest few months waiting for this to come out!!!  Everyone is psyched for Dragoon, and I'm sitting here waiting for Red Mage, haha.

That Spoiler Alert in the beginning cheap FFXIV Gil was MUCH APPRECIATED, I just finished the last story quests and HO-LY CRAP.  Considering this is pretty much leading to SKY, I'm guessing the next expansion will be SEA.

 I stopped at the part where it said it had spoiers...I'm almost done with the entire story line - MUST WAIT! LOL Can't wait to watch it though!   Yeah, HUGE spoilers in there and you don't learn about that until the end of 2.55, so wait until you clear the ENTIRE main storyline before watching.

 Shame that this game is covered with one of the worst communities I've ever had the misfortune of playing with.

If this game was a single-player experience it'd be great but all buy cheap FFXIV Gil the rage-quitters who leave after the slightest mistakes, elitists who covers every inch of main locations and refuse to help in the slightest and game-play experiences which totally closes off players, both vets and moderate players, from engaging in the first place I'll give this expansion a pass.

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