Wednesday, 15 April 2015

voice acting for video games

Come on, drink a bottle of bourbon/whiskey and get on the mic.  This is your big break dude, do you not fancy a career in voice acting for video games? Live the dream .& cheap FFXIV Gil; Lol, I'll pass guys, but thanks for the votes of confidence.
 My voice isn't that good. Ain't got da chops.   Let the professionals be the judge of that. I demand a demo reel at least! I second the motion. Do it do it do it.

Does that mean you've buckled to the pressure?  Raubahn, I mean Adam, we're not taking the piss, 100% serious. You really should do this. Only voice acting you'll get from me is during the private PSN shows.

Sounds interesting but i wouldn't even know where to begin especially since i haven't played in awhile.  Haha, my FF14 account is lapsed atm and I probably won't be renewing my subscription until sometime in May.

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