Friday, 31 July 2015

a simple mortals. Giovani dos Santos

1 legend for his club and country and two club legends. I'd have to go with Frank. His composure and reliability is unprecedented. My favorite is Andrea pirlo but I would have to say it is Gerrard buy FIFA 15 coins because I haven't seen pirlo play just yet. Ah! The old man's retirement league. My nan will out do all these players. Montreal fans saying drogba is the best in the MLS right now - He hasn't even played a game yet! LMAO - He won't help you make the playoffs either, just saying.

They are all top, top players..class & on a good day superb. C because he can assist, score and defend- complete package. Like if ur looking through the comments seeing what everyone else puts. Gerard and Pirlo are forever legends! So don't compare! It's like asking a child you love mom or dad FIFA 16 coins? Pirlo have already told the keeper where to go... Pirlo all the way! Other 2 are passed it!  What a question,, its simple King Pirlo.

Frank lampard ! Not only a goal machine he's sitting in the same midfield as the king pirlo ! I wish Pirlo but maybe Gerrard in reality.. Pirlo ofcourse, pirlo = a new team strategy of possession and passing style , he effects the whole team play .

Pirlo is the best middfielder ever then Lampard and Gerard are a simple mortals. Giovani dos Santos, the only transfer that is more than just a PR stunt... these were great players but pirlo is the best. The three of them have weakness & strength,so i think they will make impact in their respective role on the field & one has to dominate.Let's wait for the season to kick off we'll see who's the maestro. Imagine Pirlo and Lampard in the same team 10-12 years ago, what a worldclass midfield!  There is actually a former world player of the year that we should all consider.

lampard would...he can still score past 20 goals. Lampard as a scorer. Gerrard as a leader. Pirlo as a creator. This is what is wrong with the MLS they think that by bringing washed up legends that will likely retire in a couple of years will popularize the game, but wouldn't focusing more on developmental leagues and raising home grown talent of European caliber be more beneficial?

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