Monday, 31 August 2015

"The Falling" for ffxiv white mages

Such an awesome event. I looked all over for the missing doom train. I am on to the different minions appearing at certain times. Where is that train? Some people are speculating thats its foreshadowing the new Buy FFXIV Gils up coming 24 man raid boss. Or just a tease, Much like the tease of blue and red mage. The location of the next expansion. In regards to the red mage. It was mention3d twice once by yoshi and again by the non targetible npcs dialouge near the entrence.

Hell ya it does!! If they release it RDM will be my main till the end! Ill try everything but hands down RDM FTW!!! Thank you so much for this event, way to make us all feel special! heart emoticon . Is there an event called "The Falling" for white mages, now that you've given away everything that makes them unique?  Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful MMORPG. Been playing ever since Patch 1.15, and enjoyed FFXIV Gil every step of the way and cant wait to see where we go from here into the future. You guys.... Thank you. The entire Dev team and whomever planned this event. Thank you. This morning at 9am my time, I WAS NOT READY for feels. But i had them. and I still have them. This... i reaize it was a thank you to the players, but we thank you for not just producing a game 'because it collects money', but for sincerely putting you joy and blood,sweat and tears into something you love. for it, your dedication shines through...

.. And we thank you for the fabulous 2 years and many more to come! I'd trade this event for a server with people that actually talk. It's like wandering through a world of ghosts . Looks like it's on the new restricted creation list. Might be a while..or not. Thanks, had zero luck on Ultros and Exodus. Faerie is pretty talkative, yeah the most active things are the hunt linkshell a, but find the right fc and people, you'll be good and meet lots of good people to talk about the game with.

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