Friday, 25 September 2015

ffxiv collection

be able to finish my collection. 12 dont need remaster is good graphics and gameplay already. Just a slight vamp is needed. Someone did a PC emulation and made everything smooth and beautiful like lee^ FFXIV Gils said it just needs a slight vamp. AND A PC PORT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. The remasters have included the International Edition content though.

A lot of people don't have their ps2 anymore. Myself my bw compatible ps3 is out of commission and I really want to play it. It needs atual plot frown emoticon If XII gets remaster, it needs to have the IZJS.Small short story open games offline were what I wanted. Everything seems online. It would be nice to bring buldars gate like game play to ff games. I don't care about the damn guide just make 12 into a remake already .How about releasing FF:XV instead of the billionth version of FF:X? Oh, sorry. But anyways, this fact didn't change my point either.  Or you could relax and let them release the perfect version of it. XV will be amazing and large, you don't want it to be large and lacking content AND you don't want it to Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil be large and lacking story. Patience is a virtue, much worth it.  Gary Robertson Almost 8 fuckin' years(since the announcement) of waiting isn't patient enough? Well, then......

They have multiple studios, XV is getting the attention it needs the HD releases and other games won't hinder it's development . With how much you are complaining it seems you won't enjoy the game when it finally does release. Stop acting so entitled. It is better the game is coming out now instead of back then anyways. Just enjoy it. Wait!!! Is FF XII HD for reals now?????

What do you mean, brand new HD FFXII screenshots? ( ?° ?? ?°)
Tell me more, Square... Tell me EVERYTHING.
(Most importantly, do tell me that you truly ARE working on that XII remaster. It's the only game we don't have access to in the current gens, at least release it on the psn as a ps2 classic!)

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