Thursday, 15 October 2015

get used to playing ffxiv with a keyboard

Friend, good players in DF is a myth, it will never work out. PF with high gear requirements is already bad enough... Looks so good. I quit playing a realm reborn cause I was a terrible player, I was really bad at it and I'm not even exaggerating. But it's such a nice game and I want to give it another try.

I'm not able to get used to playing with a keyboard (on PC) when most of the gaming I did was on consoles with a controller. Cause I'm terrible with those keyboard controls, I often mess up FFXIV Gil while playing and end up in trouble or dead.I'm wondering if the ps4 version would be easier to play for someone like me, a clumsy dorky player? How are the controls on that? Better or worse? Any players out here that played both on PC and ps4 that can tell me? I'd appreciate your opinions on this.

Grab a xbox controller for your pc. Wayyy easier than trying to learn kb in the short term. You can just use a ps4 controller on the pc version. I use kb and mouse but I've spent years playing games that way so got really used to it. I know a ton that use their ps4 controllers on pc though too. Beats buying a second copy of the FFXIV Gils game. Geat an controller for you're pc then, like the Xbox one, easiest to get to work I think.  I play on PS3 I gave it a second go and I'm now on lvl35 conj I'm totally into it now and the controls are not that hard to figure, come back it's awesome and there's Gold saucer too now. I've quit twice and this week i gave it another try with my rogue. 25 and stil counting. But i have no friends nor guild so that's something i'm missing i guess.Thank you everyone. I'll give it another try on PC with a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse, and might switch to console if playing this game with a controller works well for me. Really appreciated all of your suggestions.

Personally I find it easier to play on pc. But I also used to play wow. I'd never want to play this game on anything that's not a pc tbh. Is it just the controls you're having trouble with? Any dodging issues or rotation issues? I have a main on lamia so if you're a fellow lamia player I would love to help you out \o/ I also don't recommend ps4 if you main a scholar although I do know ps4 players who do play scholars.

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