Monday, 19 October 2015

Guild Wars 2 Halloween content

You know I was sure we'd be going to Cantha this time. hehe I wasn't smile emoticon LWs2 set up the jungle as the next step but I see this expansion as a similar test as LWs1 was Anet testing the water on how expansions are going to work.. how quickly they can make them and how much content etc etc.I don't rule out large expansions to other Guild Wars 2 Gold continents in the future similar to GW1but I wasn't expecting that for the first expansion smile emoticon give it time hehe.No thanks, I'm sure you'll eventually wind up making HoT free to play and locking those that purchased the game out of a bunch of content until they purchase the next expansion like you did with the base game. .but.... Patch is coming and again looong loading screen.... Very long wait like 3 even more minutes on loading screen away to much then normal Cheap GW2 Gold and believe i got same problem on the previous patch this that bring new trait system... Servers seems has problem and even bigger will be when HOT is released.

Just play the Halloween content while they patch and work out the kinks. We don't call it PatchWars for nothing. In all honesty though, I'm glad they try to fix things promptly. Unlike WoW who lets bugs live until Friday when they do all their patching.  I plan on pre paying for HOT later today but how would I go about installing it without a disk ?

Played the beta weekends. Enjoyed all the new additions. New class is extremely fun. Can't wait to play it in full. Amazing job as always Arenanet! Am frustrated with GW2 presently! Mac client or sight crashed my game play 4 days ago and despite several attempts using various suggestion via gw2 community, I cannot open my game!!! I don't want to miss out but waiting for support is ENDLESS! This is more exciting then watching Game of Thrones !! And if you bought wow back in the day you would be over 1000 just on the per month charge and not counting the expansions you also had to pay for. WoW could get away with it because the competition was weak. Definitive Edition so tempting, don't know what to do...

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