Wednesday, 25 November 2015

'm really curious to see how Blade and Soul turned out

Such a disappointment ....all these years of waiting to find out that is not the game I was expecting. Haha, when I log into game seems nobody playing. Anyway, this is nice game. I had already play China server , but very difficult for me, Dun know how to type " Chinese " when in the game, finally laughed the beta version. Do you play any other mmorpg? maybe you where on a diferent server, i was on the Jiwan server and there was a lot of players. Yes, last time did play Diablo, but get bored coz the graphic make me vomit plus keep on playing the same thing, nothing much special.

Last yr I play blade & soul at China server Buy Blade and Soul Gold , this game is very nice, especially the char very pretty, but got problem when communicate with China people, coz need type Chinese words. I played a private server of blade and soul once. but for a really short period of time. was waiting for the english version, but took years for it to come up. cant wait !!!! finaly a game that i will love to play after a long time looking about Blade and Soul Gold . heart emoticon hoping on another invite for beta. Haven't seen it mentioned (unless I am just overlooking it)...but is there going to be a pre-order? Since the game is Free, there is no point in a pre-order. The only thing that comes close to your query, are the Founder Packs.....

I've been waiting a couple years for this, finally a release date smile emoticon I'll be sure to play on launch day. Are the costume contest winners going to have their designs in game by launch? I'm really curious to see how they turned out. can anyone please tell me. 'Failed to Connect To server(.200)' was getting this error during cb2..what does that mean ? and how to fix it ? thanks. Tel me about warlock is Live in january or I need to wait For these charactet. Warlock will not be live in January, Warlock is tied to L50 content (launch will be L45 content), so expect the Warlock at the same time we get the update for L50 (probably a few months wait).

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