Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Seriously You can't handle FIFA

A does that mean your finally going to give him an Inform this week?  Leicester is gonna make so much money off these 2 next summer. But when you have a striker missing all the opportunities you give him it's hard to do anything at any price tbh.  Why do we always have to compete? They are all great achievements! C cause he's making an impact and he was not expected to do so well. A) Jamie vardy. Given where he started, where he is now and the record he is chasing. It's a mad thing.  All 3 are fantastic. And all helping me on my fantasy league. Keep up the good work boys. C has he has nearly had the same amount of goald and assists. B ozil because he has had bad seasons and is now back to his best no one expected it.

Take it on the half volley. Aion Gold.. Yo pes is way more realistic than fifa... let me go and play a game north london vs man blue FIFA 16 coins .... you can dowload patch for realistic teams. Fifa is more realistic than PES.. Yeah let me go and play an UCL or UEL match... Oh wait ! You got a link for that patch please! ?  hey pes fanboys i play pes too but fifa is better. I play both and for me PES is better, FIFA is not what it used to be.  Yeah, okay... But try to play pes online... Their servers are sh*t.... You have massive lags and delay even in 2vs2... At least in FIFA, you can play 11vs11 with no lag at all. wink emoticon Anastasis Adamantas So maybe EA servers are better? pacman emoticon

Played plenty of online pes matches without lag. You sir need to get good internet.  Tom, change your controller for full manual and you have a different game.. Seriously You can't handle FIFA !!  Let's not argue now. They're both trash. You just pick which one youd rather put up with nowadays.  i love them both but serioysly pes needs to get some licences fast. It's just fifa for most people has declined A LOT this year so they are all switching over. You can't control the outcome of a game and can't counter attack. You have to build the play... Pass pass pass or you can forget scoring. Does EA do anything for charity with these income? I own FIFA but I'm thinking of going back to PES. Stop showing these individual fluke goals. This never happens in real football. So unrealistic. Plus if you buy FIFA you support CORRUPTION! Well those types of goals actually do happen in football genius.

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