Monday, 15 February 2016

Blade & Soul dungeon guide

Blade & Soul Trish said "if it remembered my password", meaning she wants a "Remember Me" option on the client login so she doesn't have to type her password every time. Blade and Soul Gold Not that she forgot her password.  Blade & Soul someone know how to fix dc problem? Don't miss our Rising Waters live Q&A at 10am PST today!
Click below to watch live. how can none prem ppl get the outfit thou p.p and the white rose drop rate is ridicules low!!

Did 23 dungeons and only got one drop i find that wrong!! for all the effort. events are supposed to be enjoyed and your able to actually obtain the event rewards/items of whatever nature it might be....

Do dungeons that have a present icon and you are guaranteed 2 of them each. Laura M?ntynen how about being a actual positive community member Buy Blade and Soul Gold and restrict using the term noob? your one of the reasons BnS has such a weak community rating.. Daily quests can only be done 1 time each day.

Running the dungeon over and over wont give you the daily quest reward again... not until the next day when it resets. You have to do the daily quest for different dungeons that have the present icon on them. Or is the server down? GUYS all day whit this patch i have problem to download .Server is always full . Put a manual patch for solve this problem please.

 Well you completely fucked the fps with this update. Was running smooth even when around world bossed before the update, now i freeze for 10 secs every 2 sec on low end pc graphics, gg wp ncsoft. Which server can I play with other Aussies on???? I've been reading Poharan had some, but I'm not sure.... about ping..

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