Monday, 1 February 2016

Blade & Soul charater slots

Logged in and bought some of those new costumes the other day with my points from my founder's pack. Wardrobe wasn't working so I logged out to play something else. Came back yesterday and account was banned. Way to punish paying customers! A++ for douchebaggery.

yesterday when i log in the spam bot issue was fixed and that was awesome. LoL idk if there any spam still cause i haven't log back in yet, but i notice some people talking about "premium" bots and teleporting hack through dungeon Buy Blade and Soul Gold . I wonder if they are trying to get all their bots to a qualify lvl to spam again or what? or farming... Since they had the teleport hack ... no wonder it super hard to go gathering craft materials.

Can someone tell me why I am getting this message on my toons? I have a lvl 23, 20 and a 12 toon and I can't mail between them. My husband has the same and he can mail. HELP!! Message I get is "you are required to charge your NCoin at least once to send mail" I have 3 slots so I have spent money.

You need to spend it think at least 1 NCoin to use mail. So 1 student pack between accounts as e.g.  I have bought 4 charater slots plus other stuff. Have spent over 100 bucks on ncoins.& Cheap Blade & Soul Gold; the game folder reached 29 GB , i have been downloading the game since the founder packs came out and ppl was able to download the game after closed beta , so far i leave the game downloading when i go out and when i come back i find error and 26% max ( some times the progress is 10% or 16% ) , and when the launcher is downloading it keep going from 400kp/s to 1kp/s then go back to 400kp/s , and as i searched google alot of ppl have this same problem , so do i keep downloading the game cuz it's just more than 29 GB !! or should i just delete that folder and start all over , thanks for reading.

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