Tuesday, 26 January 2016

BnS Community for Poharan server please join

the way your progression works is kinda confusing- your able to lit go anywhere at low level- only way to follow it is by quest and then even your able to just go wonder around and kill thins..  Blade & Soul i think u can fix the proplam of bots in faction chat by changing the cap where u chose faction from lvl3 to chapter 17 cuse they just do traning and go out spam only area will be spamed like that is zone chat of low lvls wich dosnt rly matter alot. i had to reload blade and soul and had to toons already and my toons arent there.

Community for Poharan server please join! We're hoping to make a Discord also so we can still chat Blade and Soul Gold and have a social aspect of the game since RMT took over all chats basically cept Clan chat. we gonna have those golden lvls?

ok at first glance i totally thought that Destroyer had them ladies held by their hair haha. Not the greatest game to play if you're from Australia. The ping is pretty bad. Was really looking forward to BnS. Don't buy any gold from them and they will go away over time. I stick to faction chat you only have two block 1-3 and then ur good.& Blade and Soul Buy Gold ; I'm actually thoroughly enjoying this game well done if only those stupid client crashes would stop.

might be little too fast but its w.e can you please take a step to preventing Bots and Spammers that destroyed the korean version? im down with any steps necessary to make it a reality una consulta, Para comprar item premiun se puede hacer por medio de dineromail o solo esta con tarjeta de credito y paypal ? Pregunto para saber si esta dineromail para descargar el juego o no y quedarme en donde estoy. Gracias.

Blade & Soul Team, i just got lvl 21 a while ago..then moments later i got disconnected..is it a server maintenance?

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