Monday, 18 January 2016

Blade & Soul please make nc coins redeem prepaid card

By two slots I mean two extra slots by the way. I think you should get those on launch day. What's up with the update error? I was downloading the new launcher and it just stopped and says cannot download file. Please restart the launcher, if this problem persists, please contact customer support. What's wrong with that? Please someone answer my question.

 I was having that error when I first downloaded the game. I ran a chkdsk a couple of times and it solved the error somehow.& Buy Blade and Soul Gold ; i wish u guys allowed some kind of prepaid card for payment method cuz i dont have social security number to have credit card yet. i got all this money to spend, it's a shame. You dont have ssn? O__o i have it but i rather use the nc coins prepaid cards at gamestop but they didnt have the payment for it besides paypal and credit card -.-

Should of launched with auto server selection. That would have kept all the lemmings from flocking to one server. Decided to buy the gamd late and haven't had any problems, disconnects, or ques....running fine for me Blade and Soul Buy Gold ....

Hello all.I just downloaded blade and soul but it says that a debugger has been found.  it's not yet able to start the client for patching? or we should wait for the launch b4 we could patch the game?  why i cant login,for Verify always System Error.please try again . Blade & Soul please make nc coins redeem prepaid card acceptable as a payment other than paypal and credit car. What happens with the guilds of Mushin if someone wants to leave that sv....?  You're screwed if it's your guild. A guild name is, i believe as unique as your general characters name. There can be only .

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