Thursday, 7 January 2016

Blade & Soul Crafting and Launch Livestream

Join us today at 4pm PST for our Crafting and Launch Livestream, including a first look at new content coming at launch.
Click below to watch live.Hey guys ive been looking everywhere on the internet but I found nothing that could answer my question. Do you need a founders pack to play Blade & Soul on NCsoft? Daniel Haddock holy smokes thank you so much! I did see that the release date was on the 19th of January I just didn't know if it was true or not, I live in Ontario Canada Blade and Soul Gold so I will be able to play it on the 19th? Yeah. The founder packs are for closed beta entry, some in game benefits, and starting on the 15th instead of the 19th. That's all.

Ok gotcha thanks Jordan Croteau. saw the game streaming the internettoday, I must say thee most detailed well effort put Anime MMO I have ever seen. They picked a good engine to work with when making this for Korea. Unreal Engine 3 is holding up really well for its age, and the game will really benefit from that and being stylized for its own aging.  is it coming with the warlock and the soul fighter to?

NA version is like 2 years behind, i'm guessing they'll add warlock next year, and soul fighter year after. cheap Blade & Soul Gold no the warlock will come out 1-2 months after release with new chapters added to the game, and we're not two years behind more like 3-5 patches if that. Blade & Soul, What date will you make available for us to download?

I need download the game again or have a patch for Live version? i can't wait next Friday i so want to playing it !  is this game going to be available on steam? i have great hopes for this game. It took a while for TERA to go on STEAM. Hopefully, this BnS won't take that long.

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