Thursday, 31 December 2015

Blade & Soul virtual box Windows"

 I DARE YOU TO COME IN singapore or indonesia !!! WE TRYING HARD just to find the game in another region , LAG but still play it , I play since bns first day cheap Blade & Soul Gold , but so lag then ill stop and still hoping bns come to singapore or indonesia.  you guys could've made the name reservation date to be on a weekend so i dont have to take a day off work just to have a chance to reserve my name upset emoticon.

A question, is it free when it is released on Jan 19. or pay just once and then free? Yes, characters will be deleted, you can save their appearance though if u did that. I'm pretty excited for this game! I've been looking for a great new MMORPG for ages. One thing I wasn't able to find on the Blade & Soul website, though, is the system requirements. Will it be available for OS X? Because there was another game by the same developers, called League of Legends, that was only playable on Windows.  Not available for OS X unfortunately. Maybe you can virtual box Windows?

Jeez, that's a darn shame! Buy Blade and Soul Gold I'm beginning to doubt it was a good decision to get a Macbook... In the last month, I've discovered that SEVERAL games I was looking forward to will not be getting a release on OS X. That aside though, what did you mean by, "maybe you can virtual box Windows"? Did you guys have fun Beta Testing? Did you miss BT but still excited for launch? I'm going to be starting a fun guild off the get go and hope many people will partake so we can all play and learn and have fun together. I won't write to much on it but you can find the details here,  is it possible to transfer my Korean account to EU server?(like other games?) I think it would be possible as you guys had world championship in Asian region... Moreover, I already spent more than $2000 on it and does not wish to start from the beginning.

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