Monday, 7 March 2016

how to choose BNS characters

My thoughts after patch: Time to check out BDO. I'll be back when you stop bottle-necking the gear. Once you max your gear there's really nothing to do in this game.  I am not able to buy anything from your hongmoon store for nearly 3 weeks. I've been waiting on support to help me with this situation and after being told to do a file repair Buy Blade and Soul Gold , It's still not working to no avail. Please help. So rather than ignoring your player-base, do respond please. Many of us aren't able to connect, and your game-guard isn't doing its intended purpose.

Do you guys see the video artifacts? the rain effect in the early game fight scene is unnecessary. I rather see beautiful graphics yet, its ruined by the rain and towards the bottom of the screen there are obvious artifacts transition to black. This game is just a cash grab so dont expect any support or fixes each patch since launch has incresed lagg and sudden fps drops. Also nothing is done about bots and spammers!

Keep disconnecting whenever you change characters. It would let you login but when you click your char and start the game it keeps saying authentication failure. Fucking game. This might be a stupid question. In character creation how do you zoom Blade & Soul Gold in on the face for face details? I'm on a laptop... if I was using a mouse I would have tried that already lol.

Guess I'll just keep messing with it. Thanks for not being TO sarcastic . this game have worst pvp potato logic I ever saw in my life some classes ressist every hit others op heall regen+dps other classes are targets no balance and terrible logic. i found a stupid way to solve error 4049...rather than delete file redownload, off firewall and restart pc/router.

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