Friday, 11 March 2016

Blade & Soul Destroyers

I am the only one who think the monsters are same for all zones :D:D:D fuckin wolfs and frogs lol also zones are same too ... This game is very time consuming if you want to be good. Dailies take a long time to do, if you're just an average player just doing dailies to farm money you'll roughly get 15G+ a day, the problem is that once you past Profane it cost up to Blade & Soul Gold 130G which I'm currently grinding for to get True Pirate.

Not to mention the books needed for BM which is 550G... Either way this game is addicting and I haven't dropped it since, pvp is currently unbalanced there's a reason why bot uses Destroyers.Im reaaally tired of getting my costumes on all my chars instead of just having a shared wardrobe. I dont understand why we cant have it. I gave it a chance but there isn't really something that wants me to come back. I have been thinkign about trying it out again but eh, I always go for something else. Guess the game would have been fine on a modern grapics engine that also was ment for a mmo in the first case .

And everyone has been brainwashed with that idea , i get it is based on pvp but why is it wrong for players to expect actual content in an mmorpg asides from pvp , why did they even bother creating the open world ? i get its based in pvp and hence why i point out it has good pvp and graphics, still doesnt make me wrong.

F2p.Nice dungeons. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Nice open world fights. Nice upgrade system. Decent story. And it's not p2w. boring lazy cliche story that makes people wanna slap their characters on the face over and over , extremely boring repetitive dungeons,obsolete crafting system, combat and spam bots heaven , upgrade system that flat out brings game progress to a halt at some point in the game , 2 Free character slots , store items arent account bound and to top it off cost as cheap as 20+$ nearly everything in this game is counterproductive and counter intuitive ,oh yeah Npcs flat out drop 0 currency unless you're premium as well , all this game has is pvp and more pvp via open world pvp

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