Friday, 18 March 2016

Blade and Soul PvP

Steven Hernandez when I was playing WoW when the realms were in NA I was getting at worst 200ms.. and as PvP was not required this was ok..... the POINT I am making is that this game REQUIRES PvP in order to progress (gear upgrades etc) and as such a 300ms ping in unacceptable. And for the record Oceanic servers were promised when the game was announced this promise was "quietly withdrawn" prior to the games release. if you check the forums you will see the reason refunds have been requested is because cheap Blade & Soul Gold this promise was not kept.

Adrian Kakuja, why did you play on NA server if you're from EU? o___o You should be playing it on EU server lmfao. i play with 200 ms, is not unplayable if you play a ranged class, but it is, if you plan to play a kfm or a blade master.

Adam Towns I'm on nbn 100/25 and no other game gives me drama. The Ping is horrendous and there are thousands who agree if you read the forums. You might think 300ms is ok... But most don't. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Speed doesn't make a difference when you going half way round the world to connect to the realm. Jeff Naval yeah you are right. Maybe I should focus my time becoming a weekend warrior just like you. Try go taiwan server . U will gey 60ms - 100+ms . U can change to english patch.

Game had potential but just turned into a quick money grab with 0 support. They can just keep pushing "new" content that has been out for over a year in KR and keep ignoring bots/afk/server issues and can be all "look shiny new content, were doing stuff". Great work. Nah! How about you go back to minecraft? Don't know why you even bother complaining on here? Why you still here? Well Wildstar was a failure and they delayed the release of BnS for 2 years so I think it makes sense. because this things keep pops up on my screen! and yet, i tried this once and you know what? i'm only able played this game only for a damn 3 hours and uninstalled it because this game WAS TOO DAMN BORING!