Friday, 29 April 2016

Final Fantasy has lost its way

My husband and I have been married 6 years and we still play together. I'm the bigger gamer then he is though.  Did they meet through the game or already a couple? Either way super duper cute! Just nosey hehe! We met a long time ago in 2009 at NYCC, so we were already a couple and just both happen to like video games! buy Blade and Soul Gold That's /the/ sweetest! ^-^ Here's to many happy years ahead of them!

 i wish i could play FFXIV, but got some problems with launcher error 30413-25008. i already turned internet security off. but stil won't work. it's unfortunate you feel that way john. It's also unfortunate that you cared enough to post on a fb page of a game that you feel is far from being worth it. Just saying. It cost me more then Fallout 4 and DLC. The phantom pain.

And stardew valley. All for patches to become a thing that happens every four months. I do love this game. But £200 or more a year is too much for what it is. Repetitive. No Midcore and a gated end game. Blade and Soul Gold The FF XV guy was right. Final Fantasy has lost its way. Queremos los latinos el juego en español traducido.

Are we able to keep these items if we switch to a larger house or if we want to remove it and put it somewhere else or does it get lost once removed? Wallpaper, floor, and ceiling fan (light), are the only items that get destroyed when you switch houses. Everything else you can keep.  Totally awesome that their adding these to the mog station! Hope they're dyable. If not I'll still buy them.  OMG! I didn't even think about whether or not they'd be dyeable! I hope they are! Don't judge me but I want those housing items. leaning towards the bahamut and the 3 carbuncles. they look so good!

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