Monday, 23 May 2016

new expansion for FFXIv

Getting to the end game stuff seems to easy, even when they released the expansion. Being at the top is no fun when you've completed it all and now it's just waiting around for a patch just to complete that in a day. Square are being too slow while at the same time, taking your money to sit and twiddle with your thumbs. I love ffxiv but they need a real expansion that actually takes a lot of time, planning and partying up just to complete. Like when ffxi was back in the day when FFXIV Gil you needed a party just to explore the land. You can solo everything now and on ffxiv except a dungeon. Cmon.

Completely agree, The dungeons in 11 were much better, it was all just free roam, No duty finder waiting for ages... I don't want 14 to turn into 11 but they could take some great ideas from it. Damn right! This game could be something omg with a few of ffxi. Also nome notorious monster farming with rare drop rates and Buy FFXIV Gil gear would be cool. Bring some ffxi features to the game. 😀

 I really need to start playing the new one's but always been afraid that nothing will compare to Final Fantasy VII my fav game of all time..... Cloud, Tiffa and Aries love triangle, Cait Sith, Yuffi, Barrack and Sid + the others i haven't mentioned. 12, played that over 200 hours. Those chain kills to get pieces for legend amor so you can kill espers and legend bosses. Did a legend boss took me 90 minutes. Best ffx and top 5 adventure of all time. Hector Leckbee Whoops mixed up my V and X my bad, damn you Roman numerals lol.

 VI is referenced with the warring triad and the general appearance of the Empire. these patches are taking way too long. you should really convince square to let you have a bigger staff.. For the amount of content in them, 3- 3.5 months is more than fast enough turn around. Certainly faster than most anyone else.  The patches are taking too long. The content isn't meaty enough.

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